About Us

We are a Small-Batch Craft Brewery in Santee, CA. We are passionate about Quality Craft Beer. We will have 5 year round beers and many seasonal beers available throughout the year.

Our Beers:

Riverwalk Blonde

Our Riverwalk Blonde is a light refreshing beer brewed with American Barley, American Hops, and fermented with Kolsh-style yeast. A welcoming transition beer for those new to craft brews.

This American classic is great to drink while working in the yard, garage, or just while hanging out with friends and family.

(Riverwalk Blonde is recommended for those do not like ‘Big Hoppy’ beers)

Foods to Pair with: Chicken and Fish

ABV: 5.5%

Style: Blonde Ale with Kolsh-Style yeast

IBU: 25

Rustic Horizon

A pint of Manzanita Horizon Red Ale is guaranteed to deliver a great initial malt flavor with a roasted grain aftertaste and dry Irish finish every time.

(Cheeseburger highly recommended)

Foods to Pair with: Bar-B-Qued Red Meat, Dark Pork

ABV: 6.0%

Style: American Red/Amber

IBU: 27

Pale Ale

Ah yes, the infamous Pale Ale, a traditional brew that follows the code of delivering sensations through and through. Behind the strong malt and hop flavor rests a fragrant citrus taste finished by a relaxing dry finish.

Flavor procession: Citrus -> Malty -> Bitter -> Crisp

Foods to Pair with: Lightly spicy foods. Chicken.

ABV: 6.3%

Style: American Pale Ale

IBU: 50

Gillespie Brown Ale

Gillespie Brown; a malty and sweet brew followed by a toasted chocolate flavor. Its dark brown appearance and deep roasted aroma translates into a smooth warm distinct finish.

‘Heros and local legends crave this elixir of life’

Foods to Pair with: Dessert

ABV: 8.1%

Style: American Brown Ale

IBU: 73


This traditional IPA contains a prominent hop Aroma, high hop flavor and bitterness. This bright golden copper colored brew delivers a sweet flavor with a dry finish.

‘Great first mate-trustworthy with a spine’

Foods to Pair with: Spicy foods, Thai and Indian dishes. Chicken. Great Marinade.

ABV: 7.6%

Style: American IPA

IBU: 90


Serenity is a labor of love a long time coming. Our 1st Anniversary ale tested the limits of our current system for our longest brewday yet before we put it in whisky barrels for 9 months of aging. It emerged a Barleywine to be proud of. A healthy dose of dark caramel malt imbues Serenity’s aroma with a candy sweetness that plays well with the whisky aromatics. Upon tasting, the sweet nose gives way to a refreshingly bitter bite that strikes a harmonious balance by the finish. Full-bodied and flavorful, Serenity invites you to pause for a moment of relief from a busy day – or year.

ABV: 12.1%

Jazz Man Pale Ale

Jazz Man is a Pale Ale fused with Jasmine Flowers and Grains of Paradise; this combination creates a refreshing floral aroma. The flavor from the jasmine flower is balanced and stands tall on a stage of citrus and sweet malt character. In the finale, you are left with a crisp finish, a hint of jasmine and a feeling that Spring is in full swing.

Availabilty: March – April

Lazy Saison

Lazy Saison is our easy-drinking seasonal for a laid-back summer’s eve. A peppery spice and classic Pils character bolster our yeast’s clove notes to establish a strong saison backbone. From there a late infusion of Goji berries evoke a surprising tropical impression that recalls sun-ripened fruit. Balanced flavors and a clean, dry finish make this exceptionally sessionable for a 7% brew. Think San Diego poolhouse meets Belgian Farmhouse.

Availability: May – June

Chaotic Double IPA

Our San Diego Pale Ale has so many hop additions that we were forced to redesign our brewlogs to fit everything on one page. Though it pours a surprisingly light gold, a slight haze betrays the huge amount of dry-hops that complete each batch. This onslaught hits the entire spectrum of hop flavors and aromas with especially notable grapefruit and pine character. The balance, if you can call it that, is decidedly bitter with just enough clean malt flavor to keep you coming back – this isn’t your typical “one and done” Double IPA! Brewed by San Diego hopheads for San Diego hopheads, Chaotic is a charmingly aggressive beer.

Availability: As Often as we can brew it.

Witches Hair Pumpkin Ale

Festive holiday pie spices accent this magical brew.

Warm and wicked pumpkin squash elements.

Taste the ‘Fall of Yore’ in a pint glass.

Good, Friendly malt and hop partnership.

Strong and slightly spooky surreal sensations.

Availability: October – November

ABV: 9.0%

IBU: 44

Pivotal Porter

Rich, hearty and distinct finish

Hazel brown color with great aroma and body

Availability: December – January

ABV: 6.8%

IBU: 27

Style: Brown Porter